Transformative Healing

This will be a short post. Not because I don’t have a lot to say – I always do. No, it will be short because what I have to say…what has taken me years to truly understand is simply, simple.

Last evening I had the opportunity to share in a Healing Forum with a group of formerly incarcerated Black men, boys, and women who love them.  It was an intimate setting even though there were approximately 25 folks there.  Myself and a man that had been incarcerated 28 years for a crime he did not commit sat in a circle and I interviewed him for almost two hours.  Mr. Norris Henderson (, Founder/Executive Director of VOTE, shared his story of trauma, pain, recovery and healing with me as I used my history of incest, physical and emotional abuse as a mirror with which we both could exemplify the process of what I now term, “Transformative Healing.” 

While healing repairs a breach, restores health or makes someone/something whole, Transformative Healing takes the next step by infusing the insights, wisdom, actions and experiental knowledge you’ve gained through your trauma into the life of others.  Ultimately, the transformation takes place when you pass the seed of your healing into the ready soil of another’s life.  Simply, it’s using one’s life story as a tool with which to transplant wholeness where the cancer of trauma has robbed another and left the carnage of brokenness.

It is a Divine act. 

It is a selfless endeavor. 

It is inhabiting the blessing and responsiblity of being God’s power on earth.

As I sat among a wealth of brother energy, sister spirit and the Divine union of honest, open and willing souls, I understood Transformative Healing in a way that I can finally put into mere words:

 I am living the healing journey.
I cannot live this miracle alone or it will cease to be.
You must come with me.
I must be the way I will show you so you will see and be also.
And together we will be healing in the world.

My heartfelt thanks to Trumpania Bonner and the Black Men and Boys Initiative-New Orleans, Moving Forward Gulf Coast ( and all that attended the Ashe Culture Center for this Transformative Healing event.  Together, we will continue to be healing in the world . . .

PEACE! – Dr. Kim

Copyright 2011 Kimberly J. Chandler

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