It’s August.  If I was back in my native Michigan, I’d start seeing the weather change. Evenings get cooler.  Days take on the unexpectedness of a lingering summer.  It’s nice! I miss the vibrant and diverse hues of red, brown, yellow, and orange in the leaves.  Soon, the apples will be ready to yield cider.  Pumpkins will transform into pies.  The subtle changes of the environment in which we live will move onto the landscape of our lives welcoming us to a bounty of newness; of slower days and cozy nights.  What a wonderful time to dream.

What have you been dreaming for  yourself?  My message to you this month is one simple challenge: dream bigger!

My early traumatic experiences have left me with PTSD-influenced dreams most of the time.  Therefore, I have the blessing and joy of taking my dream life into my waking life.  What that means is that I can choose my dreams while I’m awake!  What once troubled me about dreams – those violent, tumultuous, episodes of unsettling agitation – now brings me a greater sense of mastery, hope and wonder.  I can now dream a BIGGER dream than the residue my past trauma has left me.

Many of us have let our past traumas, disappointments, scars and hurts negatively impact our ability to dream of the life we deserve to embody while living within this earthly realm.  This month, take a cue from nature. Wind down from summer’s excitement into the fall’s cozy comfort and spend time dreaming.

Dream something so big that you giggle at your audacity!

Dream something so ridiculous that you feel that kind of mischievous grin you used to wear as a child when you were about to do something you knew you’d get in trouble for!


Dream big!

Dream a bigger dream than you can handle…then give it to your Higher Power, your God, your Goddess, the God of your understanding!  Now, get about preparing to receive it!

Peace and Joy!

Dr. Kim

The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs  dreamers who do.  –Sarah Ban Breathnach

Copyright 2011 Kimberly J. Chandler


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