If Fear Was Not Your Friend . . .

. . . who would you be?

. . . how would you live?

. . . what would you reject?

. . . what would your relationships look like?

. . . what dream would you make a reality?

. . . what would you tell the truth about?

. . . what would you have the courage to change?

Before I became an exSuperwoman, fear, shame, and depression took up more space in my life than my authentic self.  Many of us have been socialized to live with fear as if it is our best friend.  Of course, we should embrace the kind of fear that keeps us from danger. However, that paralyzing kind of fear that keeps us living inauthentically – endeavoring to be who other’s want us to be or who we think we should be – does nothing more than slowly extinguish who we were meant to be in this world.

My message this week is a simple meditation: interrogate the role of fear in your life!  Write down your fears.  Share them with your Higher Power, God, Goddess. Talk about them with a therapist — yes, a therapist! Many of us are afraid to seek the assistance of the very folks that have been anointed to help us become free!  There’s a therapist just waiting to help you live your best life (to borrow from Oprah) if you will release your fear, pick up the phone, and make the call that will start you on the way to changing your life.

Start the journey to release fear . . one . . . decision . . . at . . . a . . . time . . .

If fear was not your friend . . . what would you do next . . . for you?!

PEACE! – Dr. Kim

Copyright 2011 Kimberly J. Chandler


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