How About TGIF Everyday!

I’m a day late (actually 5), but not a dollar short, with my post this week.  Why? I’m tired, have a mountain of work to do, and would really like to just run away to an all-inclusive resort on a sun-filled island somewhere.  That ain’t happening anytime soon.  But, I sure could use a Friday!

There’s nothing like the feeling of a Friday. It’s the last day of the work week.  It’s the beginning of the weekend.  Even if I’m dog tired Thursday night, there’s something about Friday that gives me a second wind.  As an exSuperwoman, I’ve had to learn how to refresh and reboot myself in the midst of looming deadlines, endless to do lists and mounting responsibilities.  I had to learn that I have the power to place my mind on a higher frequency and my consciousness beyond the daily rat race should I desire to live wholeheartedly.  I’ve had to learn that I could not continue giving pieces of myself away if I wanted to save the best of me for me.  I’ve had to learn to make it TGIF everyday.  Here’s how:

TWhat/what am I THANKFUL for today?

GWho/what has been a GIFT to me today?

IWho/what INSPIRES me today?

FWhat kind of FAVOR has God/Goddess/Higher Power shown to me today?

I can always find an answer to each of those questions at any moment.  Those answers lift me out of myself and provide me with what really matters.  Deadlines will always be there.  Responsibilities will never end.  However, my choice to honor that for which I am grateful provides an never-ending well of joy.  I can drop my bucket of complaints in that well and always come out with water that will quench my thirst for relief and refresh my soul with peace.

Make FRIDAY an everyday practice.  TGIF y’all!!!

PEACE! – Dr. Kim

Copyright 2011 Kimberly J. Chandler


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