I have always admired Oprah Winfrey. Her life story and her achievements are, without question, phenomenal not only for an African American woman, but any human being. I’ve followed Oprah’s career since she began in Chicago as the host of AM Chicago, the show that would ultimately become The Oprah Winfrey Show. When her show ended, I called up a line from The Color Purple to express my feelings: “What us gon do Harpo, what us gon do?” But, watching what she’s doing since the end of the show has been quite an eye-opener for me. She decided to helm OWN The Oprah Winfrey Network. She could have retired to one of her many houses and spent her days enjoying the kind of glorious life a woman with her power and privilege deserves. But no! She learned that the end of her show meant her life was teaching her something powerful!

We could all take a lesson from Oprah. Have we listened to the seasons of our life? What is our life teaching us? What should we be teaching others because of our life? As Oprah begins her new Lifeclass show tomorrow, October 10th, she takes the next logical step in her journey. Why wouldn’t the consummate teacher teach? An appropriate quote sums up why she would teach:

Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, What’s in it for me.

As an exSuperwoman, I’ve released the shame that used to keep me from seizing opportunities. Many of us let distorted thinking keep us from moving through the seasons of our life. We become stuck by feelings of inadequacy or malaise.  When I released those negative notions, I conceptualized my life as a grand class. Interestingly, I am the student and the teacher of this class. My Higher Power/God/Goddess is the architect of the textbook. What this wonderous, wonderful concept of life allows me to do is keep seizing opportunities because I’m really not looking to be on the receiving end. It’s freeing to be the giver rather than the receiver. I don’t wait for things to happen; I dream them and stay present to the opportunities that bring them to fruition. In this way, I’m constantly engaged in the exercise of learning and teaching; of living and learning.  Giving is who I am not what I do.

What is the class of your life teaching you? How is your life asking you to embrace freedom? What is this season of  your life telling you? If you can answer those questions, your LifeClass will begin!

PEACE! – Dr. Kim

Copyright 2011 Kimberly J. Chandler


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