The Seduction of a Lie

I’d heard her lies one too many times.  I HAD to tell her about herself, if not for her, for me.  There’s nothing worse than working with someone who refuses to be integral and resists even the slightest suggestion that the truth will, indeed, make them free.

That was it!  My frustration was not with the lies.  It was with the fact that this person REFUSED to be free.  Her complete and utter refusal to tell the truth not only kept her in bondage, but kept those around her engaging in the toxic produce of her bondage.  For her, the lies she allowed herself to tell – large and small – were just too seductive.  They allowed her to live in a world of her own making.  They allowed her to place the blame for her shortcomings and dogged resistance to change on others.

This is the seduction of a lie.  For the moment, it allows you to feel the “high” of not feeling.  You don’t have to feel the truth.  You don’t have to feel unhappy.  You don’t have to feel discontent.  Most of all, you don’t have to feel pain…but ONLY for a moment.  Like cocaine, that fifth cocktail, spending money you can’t afford to part with at the slots, or having sex with yet another man you don’t love, the seductive high one seeks by refusing to embrace the truth is illusive at best.  Once you tell one lie and “seemingly” get away with it, you have to tell another.  But, that second lie just doesn’t have the same effect or give the same “high” as that first one.  Oh yes, you get that rush of adrenalin, but it’s not as intense as that first high.  It is just what it is: a shadow of relief that is, at best, a sign that you’re living on the scraps of life trying to believe it’s a gourmet meal.

As an exSuperwoman, I had to face my own lies if I was going to live a life of peace, love and joy.  I had to admit I didn’t like myself.  I had to admit I didn’t like the toxic people who were around me.  I had to admit that shame was keeping me from being all that I was sent to this earth to be – and that was the beginning of relinquishing seduction and accepting serenity.

Seduction may be momentarily exciting, but it’s never a source of serenity.  Seduction is only a decoy that deters you from fully living life.  The seduction of a lie only serves to draw you away from your authentic self, not draw you to the abundance of living your best life.

What have you been lying to yourself about? Is it a relationship? Is it your behavior? Is it your feelings?  Are you lying about your life?  Whatever and wherever the lie shows up, if you have the courage to expose it to your Higher Power/God/Goddess and trusted others, you have the opportunity to live a life you could only dream of.

There’s a wonderful scripture in the Bible that states,

What you’re after is truth from the inside out. 
Enter me, then; conceive a new, true life. 
Psalm 51:6 (The Message Bible)

What this passage suggests to me is that I’m assured a wonderful, new life, rid of the false reality of lies.  If I’ll just be truthful, I’ll be given the opportunity of not only freedom, but the liberty to live a new way.  Now, that’s abundant living!

What have you lied about today?  Better said, what are you willing to give up so that you can receive a new life full of love, peace and serenity?   Answer those questions…and say goodbye to the lie!

Your life is WAITING on you!

PEACE! – Dr. Kim

Copyright 2011 Kimberly J. Chandler


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