How Much More Do We Need?!?

I’ve put off posting this week because I’m mad, sad, and glad.  I mad about the continued, murderous violence done to our children. I mad about the victims of the Penn State murderers.  Yes, I call them murderers.  Sexual abuse murders the soul. I should know.  As an ExSuperwoman, it’s taken me over three decades to, like Lazarus, come forth out of the torturous grave created by the soul raping, shame inducing, vicious sexual, physical and psychological abuse I suffered at the hands of a madman.  I know all too well what those innocent boys have and are going through because of the this travesty.  What makes me even more mad is the fact that an adult human being saw what was happening and did not shout it from the mountaintop until somebody listened.  How can a human see another human being maliciously tortured and do nothing more than what amounts to whisper?

I’m sad because lives have been ripped to shreds.  Innocence has been lost.  A human’s personality is literally changed as a result of abuse.  Abuse changes who the person is…and often will become unless an intervention of epic proportions happens.  I’m sad because this is an example of humans not caring. I’m sad because it seems some of us have lost our soul, our connection to that loving, honest, caring place within us that could not fathom allowing anyone or anything come in harm’s way.  Even if the perpetrators are brought to justice, there will, in the end, be no winners.  For that, I’m sad.

But, I’m glad. I’m glad this atrocity has finally come out into the light of day.  I’m glad the nation is being forced to engage in a conversation we DO NOT like to have!  I’m glad because courage prevailed and truth is speaking so loudly we cannot avoid hearing it. 

Although I’m glad….I just wonder how much more we need? How many lives have to be lost before we’ll take abuse seriously? How many girls, boys, women, men, have to continue living lives of quiet desperation before we tackle sexual abuse just as hard as we tackle the economy, war, or who’s going to win the Super Bowl?  How many more drug addicts, alcoholics, and the like will have to be produced as a result of abuse before we wake up? How many more people will remain stuck in depression, self-sabotage, and toxic living before we say enough? How many more suicides…

I’m hoping by now you’re asking yourself what can you do? There are simple things you can do to fight against abuse.  Here’s a few resources:

Become an ONLINE VOLUNTEER with RAINN (Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network)

Go to VOLUNTEER MATCH and search for opportunities to volunteer with organizations that work to end domestic and sexual abuse

DONATE to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center Relief Fund

Contact the National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence ( to get connected with local organizations that will provide training sessions for you, your family, your church, your membership organizations, your schools, etc.

I’m glad…I’m sad…I’m mad!

What are you?

More importantly, what are you gonna do?


copyright  2011 by Kimberly J. Chandler


2 thoughts on “How Much More Do We Need?!?

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  2. It feels so good to hear about your social justice campeign.Many are truely suffering in silence and many are dying from the menace of abuse whether sexual and otherwise. I hope that this platform will spring up better days for the oppressed and war against offender. God willing our will become a safer place to live.

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