EVERYONE’S An exSuperwoman!

…..well, not quite!  I can accurately say that there are a lot of folks incorporating the exSuperwoman philosophy of liberated living into their everyday lives.  I recently read a Facebook post from a friend that stated, “I’m joining Kimberly Joy Chandler as an ex-superwoman. I’m so over it.  DONE!!”  Others commented on the post by stating, “ME TOO!! Done!” and “I’m free! Stripped that ‘S’ off my chest!”  This was a welcomed sentiment from a group of talented, inspiring, loving women.  But, it was also a wonderful acknowledgement concerning the relevance of my work in this world.  My life mission – the reason God/Goddess/Love/Truth – brought me to this place called earth is to show those that want to journey down the road to freedom the way.  I’ve always understood that being an exSuperwoman has nothing to do with gender.  It has everything to do with living authentically!Free-Woman

There are a lot of us out here that desire to thrive in the life we were meant to live.  We were not meant just to survive the trials and tribulations of life.  Men and women from all walks of life are finding that living with an ‘X’ across their chests and a cape of heaviness across their backs does not allow them to fly free.  ENOUGH of that craziness!  I love what Iyanla Vanzant says in this regard: “When you see crazy coming, cross the street!”  I’ve crossed that street of constant unhappiness, functional depression, and sorrowful martyrdom.  Won’t you come with me to the other side of the proverbial street???FreeMan

When I crossed that street (and I continue to do so), I met wonderful women and men on the same journey.  These folks live with joy even in the face of the vicissitudes of life.  It is my honor to be their friend on this wonderful journey.  This year, you will have an opportunity to hear from these wonderful sojourners every month.  I’m expanding Confessions of an exSuperwoman!  Every month, I will feature two Guest Bloggers.  They are men and women that represent very diverse perspectives on liberated living.  They represent optimistic options concerning the ways in which we have an opportunity to create the life we want to enjoy.  I’m truly excited to introduce these folks to you.  I hope you’ll continue reading and share these great folks with the world.

FreePeopleStay tuned!  Tell your family, neighbors and your friends.  Tell the folks you have the blessing to consider your enemies.  EVERYONE can be an exSuperwoman!  Every month, find out just how……

PEACE! – Dr. Kim


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