I Am Disinterested In Being A Martyr from The Crunk Feminist Collective

 After having a headache for more than 30 straight days, 4 bottles of seizure/pain pills, 4 trips to the doctor and more to come in order to find the right cocktail of meds that will work, an ER visit, and all in the midst of being my professor/scholar/minister/mentor/activist/business owner/church musician/actress/public speaker self….THIS. JUST. SET. ME. F.R.E.E. …still got a headache…but I NOW have a plan: “I am disinterested in being a martyr!”

PEACE! – Dr. Kim

How to Not Die: Some Survival Tips for Black Women Who Are Asked to Do Too Much http://www.crunkfeministcollective.com/2013/06/07/how-to-not-die-some-survival-tips-for-black-women-who-are-asked-to-do-too-much/


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