An Early Easter Message


I know it’s a day early, but I want to share my online #SundaySermon with you…Enjoy!

In the Christian tradition, today is a celebration: Resurrection Day. We celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. As you honor this day in your own unique way, consider the things that need to be resurrected in your life. When Jesus was nailed to the cross, He was fulfilling His purpose to conquer sin (separation from God) and spiritual death. What that means is that you are never disconnected from the very heart of God. YOU – the very spiritual essence of who you are – will never die. Along with those promises include your dreams, destiny, and determination. It might feel as if old dreams have died.  Take heart.  They’ve just been deferred until YOU are ready to resurrect them. You might believe that you’re unsure of your destiny. Take heart!  You just have to resurrect your faith in the fact that your future was created before you were even born. You may believe the trials of life have destroyed your determination to move beyond sitting in the seat of sorrow to walking in the light of your Divine potential. Take HEART!  If you will resurrect your trust in God’s endless love for you, determination will rise up in your soul, pushing you to persevere through any passive complacency and any relentless struggle. Let the resurrection of Jesus Christ CHALLENGE you to CHANGE your mind – first – and give your soul a soft, secure place to rest from its weariness. This is YOUR resurrection day. You may feel as if you are in the tomb of terminated possibilities. Not so my Beloved!  I see God in your circumstance. I hear God underneath the burdens weighing down your heavy heart. God says to YOU on this very special day: COME FORTH!!! #LoveIsEverything


One thought on “An Early Easter Message

  1. Powerful, well written, insightful and authentic! I know this will help readers step out of fear and into healing!

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