My New Brothers 


These are my new brothers: Damon and Kemic Smothers. They recently adopted me (no adoption certificate was needed). One kisses me on the forehead and the other tells me S.Y.A.D. (sit yo azz down) when I’m overworking. We found each other in our 40s. As an incest survivor (and exSuperwoman) I’ve often spent my life looking for the brother I missed. I certainly didn’t think I’d find him this late in the game. But, that’s how life seeks to bring you its most benevolent blessings. My quest for one brother-connection – even when I didn’t know I was looking for it – produced TWO Brothers from another mother! That’s just what love graciously gives us if we are fully open on this journey called life. God will place brothers in your life that will provide you with the kind of steadfast support, listening ear, and genuine love that transcends the legitimacy established through a biological blood line. Yes, women and men can be more than friends by sharing the kind of familial love that makes us free to experience a fuller range of our humanity. There’s just nothing like a Brother’s love! So, it gives me overwhelming pleasure to honor these renaissance gentlemen who are unashamedly Black and unapologetically strong: my Smothers Brothas! #FathersDay2015 #BlackMenRock #BrothaLove #SistaLove

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