This is My Dad 


This is my Dad: Rev. Bernard Leonard (B. L.) Chandler. He has 2 children, 3 grandchildren, and 7 great grandchildren. He’ll be 72 years old in August. He cooks most days of the week, calls me to let me know his schedule for the day, and still keeps a home office even though he’s a retired pastor. He started teaching me to swim at 9 months old. As a little girl, he used to let me be in the pulpit with him and greet all of the people after church. As a kid, we’d ride around town, looking at the architecture of different churches and he could name all of the distinctive characteristics. From young childhood through high school graduation, I was his “road dawg” growing up. We traveled around the state and the country, going to various Baptist conventions, revivals, and other meetings. I’d never see other pastors with their kids, so I thought they just didn’t have any! My dad always told me that education is something nobody can ever take from me. When I was going through the worst time in my life with depression and serious personal crises, my Dad would drive back and forth from Tennessee to Louisiana – 8 hours each way – to go with me, whether it was to the psychologist or to pick up things from my office so I could go home with he and Mom in order to take a semester off on mental health medical leave. My Dad never told me I couldn’t do things because I was Black and a girl. He showed me Black manhood through his service to God, commitment to the community, dedication to his churches, and 50 year partnership with my Mom. My Dad has been through quadruple bypass surgery, prostate cancer, lung cancer, hospital stays too numerous to mention, but still gets in the pulpit to preach and teach the gospel whenever called to do so. This is my Dad. If you ever wondered what a REAL father looks like…look no further! #HappyFathersDay #MyDadRocks #ThanksDad

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