Cheyenne Walker: It’s Your Life, Start Living It (Part 2)

Cheyenne picks up where she left off in her guest blog post for August. Check it out!
 Silence the Noise
Stop listening to other people. This is your journey and yours alone. You can’t share everything with everybody! Are you unsure who these folks may be? ANYONE who tells you “You’re too old!”  If a person is comfortable with just existing or is constantly negative…WRONG PERSON!  Not just anyone can be an objective partner with you on this journey. Tune out the noise and tune into your inner being. Pay attention to how you feel when performing certain activities. Listen keenly to your heart and spirit.
If you have the desire to do something, do it! It’s the only way to actually figure out what you like or what you’re not drawn to. A couple years ago, I planned a trip to Europe. I had no idea what experiences I would have but I was open to receive them. That experience opened my mind to the possibilities and I have not turned back. I love travelling and experiencing other cultures.  Another way to explore is becoming a volunteer. Volunteering your time allows you to discover your interests and your passion!
 Accept Help
Find a mentor or a life coach; someone you can talk to who will be objective, encouraging, and realistic. If you can’t get one physically, the libraries and bookstores are filled with books written by successful people.  



Once you’ve discovered the one or many things that you are truly passionate about, get to work! Figure out how you can use your talents and gifts to assist others. Surround yourself with like-minded people. Then…go forth and conquer! 



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